Hello, I’m Daniel Antonis, musician. Nice to meet you!

As long as I can remember I’ve been hearing music in my head. Simple melodies as a child, brought on by situations, images and stories, that grew more and more complex as I aged and my musical knowledge grew. But always the music kept playing in my head.

I played in a lot of different bands with different styles during my life and the goal was always to master the essence of a certain style. My musical tastes go from metal to Mozart, anything that grips me on an emotional level. But playing in bands limited to one style didn’t enable me to make all the different music I heard in my head….Especially because you cannot learn to play every instrument in one lifetime.

Through the development of sound libraries and next generation midi controllers like the Linnstrument, which enables me to play sound libraries with a musicians feeling, combined with the instruments I play as a multi instrumentalist, it finally became possible for me to produce almost any kind of music. Now the only limit is my imagination. That’s why I decided to start as a composer/songwriter and nothing gives me greater satisfaction. Everything you hear is composed, played, recorded, sung and mixed by me.

Hello, I’m Daniel Antonis, musician.  Nice to meet you!
Soundtrack<br> of Life

of Life

Everybody has a soundtrack of his life. Whether it’s the lullaby your mother sang to you as a child, the song you heard when your first (girl)friend broke up with you, that fantastic band you discovered or the epic movie or game music that became part of you while you were watching or playing. As Tolstoy said, music is the shorthand of emotion and there are few things as powerful as music.

This is especially so for the combination of music and images. For me the challenge is to produce music that perfectly fits the image, emotion and message you want to convey. So, whether it’s romantic or epic classical music, edgy synths, rock, pop or theme based commercial songs in all styles, soundtrack of life will provide you with the music and sound design that best captures the feeling or message you want to bring across, in the style you prefer.

You can find my free work under compositions, while listening click the scenario button for the scenario I had in mind when I wrote it. My work for third parties can be seen under work. On the left you can see some of the music that belongs to the soundtrack of my life. And there is always more to come.

So please contact me if you are in need of music for any (multi)media platform and let’s create as much music as possible, to feed the soundtrack of life of as many people as we can.

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